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Domain Acquisition

Naming your Startup

What seems like one of the nicest parts of starting your new business can actually be one of the more arduous; mental blocks and finding out that the perfect name already exists are just two sources of pain for any budding entrepreneur. The truth is, we feel your pain and every entrepreneur goes through what…

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Choosing The Right Domain Name – Part 01

This is the first of a two-part series of articles dedicated to helping you choose the right domain name for you or your business. Is choosing the right domain name a huge issue? Does it really matter or will quality content and good SEO always trump it? Well, the answer isn’t straight forward as the success of…

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AO Chooses DotWhat as it’s Global Domain Acquisition Partner

AO, the UK-based online retail giant is ‘…on a mission to become a leading European online retailer of electrical products.’ To help them achieve their digital ambitions, AO chose DotWhat as it’s strategic domain acquisition partner. As Principal Technology Officer Ivan Coetzee stated: “Transparency is part of our DNA at AO, and DotWhat has consistently…

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