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Protecting Your IP

Working with law firms specialising in IP, your own legal team, or brand protection specialists, DotWhat can help you monitor, protect and resolve your trademark and IP issues.


With increasing internet opportunities comes new threats to your IP

When you need to reacquire old IP domains, or assess the level of threat to existing trademarks, or even prevent trademark infringements by others, DotWhat can help.

Partners in Protection



Working closely with your in-house legal team, DotWhat can advise you on new and existing domains which require increased protection and what can be done to achieve this.


Law Firms

We have an extensive network of law firms specialising in intellectual property who work with us because of the specialist domain knowledge we bring to bear on multiple IP issues.


Brand Protectors

Our brand protection partners are experts in IP protection including patents, trademarks, copyrights and domains and can often remove fake listings in more than 95% of cases.

To Protect & Resolve



Identifying where the potential risks and threats lie is the first step in preventing them from becoming real dangers to your business. Contact us today if you are looking for domain and legal advice on how your IP can be better monitored online.



Paid search scams and cybersquatting are increasing threats to intellectual property and can cause significant damage to brands across multiple assets. Get in touch to find out how your IP can be better protected with combined domain & legal advice.



IP infringement battles can affect your domain names and websites as well as listings on search engines, social media, mobile app stores and other marketplaces. Ask us how these issues can be resolved effectively for your brand.

We can help you with your domains.