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How much is a domain really worth?

When you’re buying or selling a domain, you need a reliable evaluation of its value. Our evaluation service can help you value an individual domain or your entire portfolio quickly and accurately.

Why you should know the value of your domains


For Accounting Purposes

With the size of companies’ domain portfolios increasing every year, there is a growing demand from management to be able to account for the exact value of the domain portfolio as a company asset.


To Avoid Paying Too Much for It

Knowing the value of a premium domain that you want to buy strengthens your position when negotiating the price with the current owner.


For Bankruptcy Settlements

Establishing the value of a domain portfolio is often a significant factor in connection with bankruptcy settlements. Knowing the accurate value reduces the risk of selling domains significantly below their market value.

Accurate, fast and reliable evaluations

Whether you need one domain evaluated or are looking for an evaluation for your entire portfolio, we can provide reliable valuations.



Ideal for sales & purchase negotiations and company asset evaluations

The best option for 40+ domain name evaluations

  • Accurate assessments of each domain name’s value
  • Discover the collective value of your whole portfolio
  • Key insights into SEO implications for your domains
  • Expert advice on how to promote domain names
  • Reliable insights into possible buyers
  • Full report sent via email as a protected .pdf doc

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Ideal for 1 or more domain names

The fastest way to determine the right price

  • Accurate assessment of the domain name’s value
  • A qualified list of comparable domain name sales
  • Key insights into SEO implications for your domain(s)
  • Reliable insights into possible buyers
  • Full report sent via email as a protected .pdf doc

Find out how much your domains are worth