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It’s all about the people

At DotWhat, you’ll find an experienced and knowledgeable team to help you acquire, dispose of and optimise every aspect of your domain porfolio.


Marcus Kocak

Managing Director

Marcus Kocak is the founding partner and Managing Director of DotWhat. Prior to this he was Head of Domain Acquisitions at Netnames (previously Group NBT).

Marcus has been in the domain market since 1999 and joined Speednames and Ascio Technologies in 2001. At Speednames he started working on premium domain name brokerage and the acquisition of valuable domain portfolios.

As Head of Domain Acquisitions at Netnames, Marcus was a vital key in developing a procedure and a set of standards for the service and brokerage in domain name recoveries.

Marcus’ expertise in acquiring third-party-owned domain names and resolving domain name disputes through WIPO or the local courts has one of the highest success rates in the industry globally.

Email: mk@dotwhat.com
Telephone: +45 22 26 19 41


Bo Jacobsen

Partner & Chief Financial Officer

Bo is a results-driven Finance Manager, with more than 20 years of experience. Bo is in charge of our daily accounting and is a fantastic business partner.

Email: bj@dotwhat.com
Telephone: +45 20 89 26 89


Pernille Casparsen

Pernille started working with domains i 2001. She has had the joy of helping many companies over the years creating a stable and effective strategy to secure their brands in the future digital world by also having the right domains in their portfolio. She has helped them gain a complete overview of their domain portfolio, possibilities and legal rights of those. Pernille has extensive knowledge within DNS as well as IT security. Further, she support various companies with daily domain maintenance and minor IT assignments"


Kristina Kharazmi

Kristina joined the Domain Industry back in 2005 when she became part of Speednames and Ascio dealing with B2C and later B2B in the marketing department. Her speciality at dotwhat is acquisitions of SoMe and creating and maintaining SoMe channels both internally and externally on behalf of clients.

Kristina is a senior marketing professional with significant international B2B and B2C experience from start-ups to global organizations. Having lived in the US, Dubai, Holland, Germany and Thailand – in addition to Denmark –she offers a truly global outlook, multi-cultural experience and an international network. Kristina has been working with digital marketing and communication for the past +15 years within IT, domains and Educational Technology (EdTech) being responsible for corporate branding & communication, creation of successful campaigns, SoMe content for various digital channels and building up brands from scratch.


Andreas Ottesen

SoMe Analyst

Andreas started working with marketing in 2015. He has worked with many companies over his career, both at agencies and in-house, managing a 7-figure ad spend on social media. His broad experience ranges from building and managing their online brand through paid and organic marketing. Additionally, he has worked extensively with marketing automation and setting the creative direction for digital content.


Emma Wittendorff

Social Media Manager

Email: emma@dotwhat.com
Telephone: +45 53 35 67 97


Marie Jacobsen

Sales Coordinator

Marie is a result driven sales coordinator, and she is a crucial role in any organization involved in the sale of a product or service. The sales coordinator plays a pivotal role in ensuring the sales process operates smoothly and efficiently. The primary responsibilities of a sales coordinator are to coordinate and assist the sales team in reaching their goals. This requires a wide range of skills, including organizational abilities, strategic thinking, and communication skills.


Katrine Wissing Nielsen

Sales Coordinator

Kathrine plays an important role in helping us achieve our targets. She actively participates in both the selling and administrative operations of dotwhat.


Adam Hill

International Advisor

Adam Hill is Country Manager (UK) at Dotwhat, and is responsible for establishing the firm’s presence in the UK and growing its portfolio of national and international clients based in Britain.

Adam has worked in the digital industry for over 15 years since starting out as marketing manager at Saxo Bank in 2001, before establishing his own marketing agency servicing clients in the financial services and health sectors in the UK, US and Europe.

Working with clients on branding and marketing strategies, to developing web-based software solutions and building search engine programs, Adam has proven experience in delivering results across digital disciplines.

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