2020 -What a year so far.

Everything we know has been turned upside down. Life is no longer what it used to be. For us here at dotwhat we experienced what felt like a complete lockdown back in March. Europe went into lockdown and we felt it. After about a month we noticed things were returning more to normal again, at least the new normal.

Online is booming

The interest in everything online is bigger than ever. We have experienced a huge increase in the interest of buying domains. Suddenly it is more important than ever to get the right domain name when EVERYTHING is taking place online like work meetings, social meetings, online shopping, exercise classes, online learning and so on. But in addition to getting the right domain we have also experienced a massive interesting in getting the SoMe accounts that matches the chosen domain names to make it all more streamlined. We have therefore helped our clients with the whole package by registering the domains and the SoMe channels of their wish.

Finding the perfect fit

Lots of companies were hoping to get their hands on the right domain name for – perhaps – a better price. Getting the right domain in an online world is crucial for many in these times however due to the pandemic many companies are on a tighter budget. We have helped many of our clients finding the perfect fit for their company both in terms of domains but also securing all the SoMe channels that goes along with it. There are still opportunities out there so don’t think that all good names are gone. If you are currently looking at new domain names or SoMe accounts for your business then reach out to us for an informal online coffee meeting. We would love to hear from you. We can help you seize the opportunities in the market, help you negotiate the right deal and secure the best domain name for your business.