Case study: Implement Consulting Group P/S

Implement Consulting Group P/S recently became a client at DotWhat. Our Domain Strategist & DNS Consultant, Pernille, did an interview with Jesper Møller Damm Christensen from Implement Consulting Group, about their thoughts about choosing DotWhat.

What difficulties did you encounter when reaching out to DotWhat?

We noticed that we had our domains registered by various individuals internally and some also with different providers. This resulted in an unorganized infrastructure for our domains. It became very important to us to consolidate domain administration and billing into one provider and also with access to a cohesive platform. This allowed us to gain comprehensive oversight and establish a significantly more secure domain infrastructure maintained from

“We sought a partner we could entrust completely, one well-versed in domain infrastructure, and capable of handling the task independently, so also we could  continue our work as usually.
We were well-acquainted with DotWhats reputation for reliability, and they consistently delivered on our requests within the agreed-upon timelines. We have been exceedingly satisfied with their services.”

Why DotWhat as the solution provider?

Our selection of DotWhat as our partner was motivated by the need for a provider who comprehends our challenges, maintains a consistent work ethic, proactively addresses our needs and future needs, and the fact that they have a long reference in the business, more than 25 years of industry experience. Their strong knowledge and service orientation was particularly appealing, given that we entrusted them with some of our company’s most critical assets—our online presence.

We designated DotWhat as our strategic partner because they possess the expertise to help us establish and maintain a robust online brand, all while optimizing costs. DotWhat’s support allows us to expand the reach of our marketing campaigns by leveraging the online traffic generated by our company’s domains and we also choose during the proces to expand our subsidiaries domains, simply because it strengthen our oversight and infrastructure.

What is the most significant benefit of DotWhat assuming complete responsibility for your domain portfolio?

Now, we benefit from a optimized streamlined portfolio, maintain full control over our infrastructure, and have the assurance that DotWhat’s dedicated team is handling everything with the utmost security and care.

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