When did you last do a review of your domain portfolio?

Protecting your intellectual property online is as important as ever, but can you have too many domain names?

Before you sell or delete your unwanted domains in your domain portfolio you should consider whether it might be a better idea to keep them in your portfolio. Although it might no longer hold a value to your company it could be valuable for others who might have bad intentions. Domains that have historical data are often used for phishing. Many companies are not aware of this and this could potentially become a threat to the company if the unwanted domains are used for phishing attacks.

Scammers can use the expired domains to steal credit cards data or they might target email accounts that are linked to the domain to scam customers, clients or steal company secrets. The scammers can also set up catch-all email forwarding data for the domains that they re-register thereby getting access to confidential client data and emails.

Often the damage that the scammers can do reaches beyond the domain as many have social media accounts connected to their domain. This means that the scammers can change the passwords for these accounts and use them for their fraud as well.

Our advise is to keep the domains that are related to your company name or trademark as they can become a victim of phishing. The historical data which is connected to the domain makes it easier for example for emails to slide through the firewall. If you must let your old domains go, you need to be thorough about updating any online accounts you or your employees set up using old domain email addresses. Does your domain portfolio also need a review? Contact us to find out more today

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