Domain Round Table discussion is a MUST

Domain Round Table discussion is a MUST – IT, Marketing, Legal, The Board and The CEO all need to be involved

Domains and SoMe channels work across departments and across the company – the domains create and support your digital identity on the internet, and this is why it is so important to choose wisely when deciding on the right domain name.

How a company decide on their digital identity, often depends on the complexity of the company, the culture and the digital ambitions, and who is the responsible department or person behind the digital strategy and identity. When you look at the digital presence in terms of domain names and SoMe, each department has their own focus, and therefore each department will also have different preferences for choosing the right domain names.

When deciding on your company’s digital identity and domain names you need to involve the main decision makers from both IT, Marketing, Legal, The Board and the CEO. This group of decision makers need to find an agreement on the company’s digital goals and digital ambitions in order to proceed with selecting the right strategy going forward. Protecting the digital identity of your business is crucial to maintaining trust and trust is especially critical as more customers shop and spend online.

Based on our experience from our Dotwhat clients we have found, that the companies who involve the above mentioned parties in the decision making process, also tend to have a more successful online presence. So the key take away from this blog is that you need an entire team of people who can collaborate and work towards the same digital goals and digital identity. When leaders from each of these departments are aligned, your online presence will also reflect a unity and a more streamlined online presence which again will establish a more holistic customer journey.

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