Time for a domain upgrade?

Companies often can’t get the short premium acronym domain name or the one word .com at the time when they need it, as it is likely taken or else it is too expensive to acquire. Instead they might end up with a longer domain name, a domain with a hyphen or choose to go with a non .com domain as a temporary solution until they have the funds to secure the premium name. However, over the past many years we have helped our clients get the premium domain name that they wanted right from when they had the initial idea for the company name or brand. We are often involved in the whole process from finding the right brand name and securing it online before it is launched. Although the prices for securing the domains can often seem too high and excessive, in many cases it actually ends up being a really great investment over time because the prices have increased more than 10 times over the past couple of year when you look at the premium names.

Every year, hundreds of companies decide to upgrade their current domain to a more suitable and shorter .com name to match their exact brand. We have made a list of some of the brands who upgraded their domain names to reflect their brand even better.

Company namePrevious domain nameUpgraded domain name
Amazonaws.amazon.com aws.com

We can help you too

We help many companies who want to acquire these short one word domain names or the acronym with our domain acquisition services. In addition to that we also help more and more companies acquire their SoMe usernames so that their portfolio is completely streamlined and aligned. Having your channels streamlined with your domain name will ultimately help you maintain control over your brand. Reach out to us if you want to hear more about how we can help you acquire your premium domain name and streamline your SoMe channels.

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