Our search behavior has changed, but……

Our search behavior has changed, but does that change anything for our domain names?

If we look at how we searched back in 2005 we could say that our search behavior was pretty simplistic. If we were looking for cafes in Copenhagen we would search for “Copenhagen cafes“. Since then the search landscape has changed a lot and it will continue to do so. Today the average search would be “Where is the best place to eat near me right now?” 

Having an online presence is essential if you are selling your products or services online. More than half the worlds’ population is now online and the opportunities are continuously growing. When deciding on the domain name for your business you should keep in mind who is your target market and how do they search? Do they use actual domain names or do they use keywords to search in search engines? What do you do yourself?

Google collectively controls almost 77 percent of the search market, with Bing, Baidu and Yahoo controlling the remaining search market. If more and more people use keywords to browse when looking for companies and products, is it then important at all to have the right domain name? We use the keywords to search because often we cannot remember the name or the product that we are looking for. 

A strong domain name gives you instant credibility

Even though we know that people are less inclined to search for the specific domain name, we do believe that having the right domain name is still very important. You want to brand your company properly, effectively and memorably. Branding will make or break your business’ chance of success. A strong domain name gives you instant credibility and provides you with a professional front door for your online presence.

Finding the right domain name can be difficult as most of the short, memorable and recognizable ones are already taken. Should you give up if your preferred domain name is taken then? No you shouldn’t. It is always worth trying to get it either legally or by buying it back. We will be happy to help you secure the right name for your company. Call dotwhat and speak to our domain acquisition specialist Marcus +45 44221941

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