Premium domain names continue to command astounding prices, and they have done for almost 20 years.

In fact, the most expensive domain name ever sold was acquired for an eye-watering $872 million, and that was back in 2014!

The domain in the spotlight? sold for $872 million (which you can check for yourself on the SEC filing made by the parent company, Gannet Co., Inc.).


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So, on to the top 20 all time top selling domains:
NumberDomainPriceYear Sold$35.6 million2010$35 million2007$30.18 million2012$18 million2009$17 million2015$16 million2009£9.99 million2008$13 million2010$11 million2001$9.5 million2007$8,888,8882015$8.5 million2010$7.5 million1999$7.5 million2006$7 million2004$6 million2011$5.88 million2008$5.5 million2003$5.5 million2010$5.1 million2009

Data from Wikipedia