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Cutting Waste, Slashing Costs but Increasing Knowledge

The World Gold Council, the market development organisation for the global gold industry, had, over time, acquired more than 1,500 domains for itself and its members. However, with high costs and poor service levels from their previous provider, a more cost-effective solution that would also restore the organisation’s control over their domain portfolio was essential.

James Spake of the World Gold Council explains:

“We weren’t getting the support or advice we needed, and in fact often ended up spending time and resources resolving issues caused by our previous provider.”

However, the World Gold Council already knew where they could get the service and expertise they needed to overcome these problems.

“We needed a long-term, strategic partner to help us achieve our aims, and we decided to go with DotWhat as an independent domain partner as we had always received reasoned and independent advice from Marcus (CEO of DotWhat) with our domain management issues”

The World Gold Council commissioned DotWhat to undertake the following:

  1. dramatically improve issue-resolution times,
  2. enable the World Gold Council to regain cost and strategic control of their portfolio,
  3. reduce annual renewal costs,
  4. determine which domains should be retained, acquired or sold,
  5. establish a company-wide domain strategy,
  6. increase in-house understanding of why domains should be retained, acquired or sold

Marcus Kocak explains the process by which the Council achieved the objectives in close collaboration with DotWhat:

  1. Initially, we identified a short-list of potential providers that met the World Gold Council’s objectives of achieving greater internal control of their domains, faster issue-resolution times and at a reduced cost – independent of whichever provider was selected.Their domains were migrated to a provider offering Advanced DNS along with an essential component for the kind of self-managed solution which the World Gold Council was looking for.
  1. At the same time, work began on streamlining and optimizing the World Gold Council’s portfolio by identifying which domains should be removed and/or sold off from the portfolio.The primary goals in optimizing the portfolio were:
    • to maximize the ROI on the portfolio;
    • to reduce the annual renewal costs; and
    • to make the portfolio more agile and simpler to manage internally.
  1. It was essential for the World Gold Council to be able to manage their domains internally. To enable this, detailed policies and a new corporate strategy for future domain acquisitions and registrations were created, fulfilling this vital element of the World Gold Council’s key objectives.

James Spake comments:

“DotWhat helped us to understand which domains we should keep hold of, and why. Furthermore, they worked with us to set the criteria for future domain acquisitions so we could avoid ending up with an ‘overgrown’ portfolio as we had previously.”

Key Results

The World Gold Council achieved all of the objectives they set dotwhat, namely:

  1. Issue-resolution times cut from 7 days to 4 hours
    (internal knowledge increased correspondingly as technical issues were resolved in-house now and the frequency of new issues dropped to nearly zero)
  2. The World Gold Council now has full, internal control of its portfolio which enables it to manage changes across its domains quickly and efficiently
  3. Significant Annual cost reductions of 43% for domain renewals
  4. A more agile portfolio to bring it into line with the World Gold Council’s new domain strategy
  5. A robust internal policy for domain acquisitions
    (and greater in-house knowledge of successful domain portfolio management)
  6. deeper understanding of how domain administration works
    (enabling it to engage with its providers more effectively)


The World Gold Council’s James Spake sums up their experience of engaging with DotWhat:

“We now have a portfolio which is managed internally but is still generating cost savings as well as resulting in more effective domain administration. Thanks to DotWhat and their expertise in helping us develop our own knowledge internally, while cutting waste and reducing our costs significantly.”

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