DotWhat helps ALK-Abello slash domain costs by 46%

ALK-Abello, a global, research-driven pharmaceutical company, was looking to improve the management of its domain administration across more than 450 domains. For this project, ALK Abello chose to make use of DotWhat's services.

According to ALK-Abello, the main reasons for choosing DotWhat, were the team’s industry knowledge, their proactive approach and the fact that DotWhat offered impartial advice. As Tobias Dilling, Domain Administrator at the company, said:


The key objectives ALK-Abello and DotWhat defined were to:

  • Establish an effective domain strategy
  • Reduce annual renewal costs
  • Reduce support response time
  • Increase in-house knowledge of the domain industry, and
  • Empower ALK-Abello to negotiate more effectively with its providers

DotWhat identified a number of potential areas for improvement in ALK-Abello’s current domain administration, and based on that:

  1. Developed a domain strategy that accurately reflected the company’s needs, including the need for a new domain provider.
  2. DotWhat then identified four possible providers that were all able to match the needs of ALK-Abello, and, in cooperation with ALK-Abello.
  3. Assessed the suitability of the four domain providers. In the end, ALK-Abello was able to select their new provider, confident that it was the right match.
Key Results

ALK-Abello achieved its objectives with an effective domain strategy that resulted in:

  • A 46% reduction in domain renewal costs
  • Support response time cut by over 50%
  • A deeper understanding of how domain administration works
    (enabling it to engage with its providers more effectively).
  • A greater empowerment to negotiate from strength with hosting providers
    (as a result of DotWhat’s impartial advice, ALK-Abello was able to secure additional services and discounts at no extra cost)